The firm was established in February of 1989 as an Ltd company. Since the 1st of January 1994 it has been operating as a share-holding company. Previously the main profile of the firm was the production of screws, however it was terminated in January 2006, due to the fact that the firm gained its required profits over the years from its commercial activity. The registered capital of the company is 100 million HUF, and the yearly turnover is more than 800 million HUF. Simultaneously with the termination of the screw manufacturing, the Board of Directors started planning steps towards a new endeavour. Being aware of the fact that Hungary and the surroundings of the small town, Cegléd are rich in spring water sources, in 2006 the firm has began to bottle its first mineral water. After the continuous supervision of customer requirements, the exploration of a new mineral water became needed. As a result, a new fountain was drilled in 2007. The rapidly changing market made it reasonable to introduce our third mineral water in 2008.


Our mineral waters contain the most important minerals needed for the human body and it is of the best quality possible. Due to this and the fact that natural spring water is free from calories, sugar and syntetics, its consumption does not have to be limited. Furthermore, it can be given to babies as well. Our consumers can be assured that our mineral water is produced under strict regulation and sterile conditions and bottled in their orginal state. The proper depth of the fountains is an assurance that our mineral waters are free from any chemical and microbiological contamination. Moreover, the constant quality is ensured by two international quality management systems: ISO 22000 and IFS. We assure our consumers and partners of both the competitive nature of our high-quality products as well as the acceptable price of nature's purest souce: Water.

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